Bring the #studioroundexperience to your next event.


Our breakfasts get your delegates off to a delicious start to a long day. Our teas provide a perfect pick-me-up in the middle of a busy session. And our desserts get everyone excited - and more importantly, provide a conversation starter.

With our partner network, we're also able to provide coffee and a full lunch on site. We're open to catering, operating pop-up stalls at your venue or running a temporary cafe.

Choose an assortment of savory and sweet bites from our menus below to augment your event experience, and contact us for a quotation for your next event.



Breakfast & Tea

Savory menu:

- Bacon sausage rolls (regular and mini sizes)
- Spinach onion quiches
- Corn quiches
- Tomato bruschetta
- Mushroom bruschetta
- Mushroom tarts
- Baked potato cups
- Cheese 'n Pepper pastry twists


Breakfast, Tea & Dessert

Sweets menu:

- Mini Fontaines (hazelnut chocolate cake in a cup)
- Roll cakes (vanilla rose, matcha, houjicha, coffee)
- Dark chocolate brownies
- Very Chocolate tarts
- Cupcakes (Very Chocolate, Mocha Latte, Vanilla Rose, Matchazuki)
- Matcha snowballs (crunchy cookies dusted with icing sugar)
- Cinnamon chocolate chunkies
- Butter scones
- Amandelbrood (Belgian-inspired cinnamon spiced almond flakes)
- Apple cider donut holes


Event partners and corporate clients

Blueprint Hong Kong
The Good Lab
The Other Hundred
The Global Institute for Tomorrow
Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide
Press Start Hong Kong
Justice Conference Asia
The Hong Kong Green Building Council
Goldman Sachs
Societe Generale